This term the children have been learning the story Jack and The Beanstalk.  To begin they searched the grounds for a small bag.  When they found the bag, hidden in the grass, they discovered it contained magic beans! The next morning the children came into the classroom and were surprised to find a giant beanstalk… More

Allstars Cricket

Allstars Cricket (83)

We had an amazing time at Blyth Sports Centre for the Allstars cricket event. We took part in a carousel of activities where we improved our skills in batting, bowling, fielding and our general fitness levels. The members of staff and the volunteers from local high schools all commented on our behaviour and on how… More


Our Ancient Greek topic is in full swing and the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about this, from the Olympics to the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. There have been so many lovely opportunities for art work and the children had a lot of fun designing their own scratch art Greek vases! Last week, 9… More


Year 1 Multi-Skills


Some of our Year 1 children were lucky enough to have taken part in a multi-skills festival at Blyth Soprts Centre this week and they had such a wonderful time! They participated in a wide range of activities including golf, cycling, ball skills, racket skills, team games and a bouncy castle! Everyone had lots of… More

The Great Fire of London


This week we have been discovering a historic event which happened in 1666.  This exciting new topic has really engaged the children and we are learning to retell the story using specific vocabulary.    So far we have been introduced to these words and their meanings: bakery, escape, afraid and flames.  Ask your children to… More

What a wonderful first week!

What a wonderful first week back we have had in Year 1! The children have settled into school so well and have been happy and smiling coming into school in the mornings. They are adapting to life in Year 1 very well considering the many new routines and expectations! We have begun learning about our… More

STEM week


The Year 6 challenge for STEM week was to create a moving vehicle using either elastic bands or balloons. We were all  amazed at the resourcefulness and resilience demonstrated by the children in Atlantis and Neptune and have no doubt that there are some budding scientists and engineers in our midst.

Reading Prizes

Prizes for Reading (11)

This week, in Oystercatchers, we gave out prizes for reading. As you all know, everyone who reads 3 times or more each week receives a raffle ticket. Mr Gregory and Mrs Trueman go out and buy all kinds of different prizes to say thank you to those children who read the most. This time, we… More

Natural Disasters


Karimun[1] Evie[1] Eleanor(1) Throughout this half term we have been learning about natural disasters and how they are caused. We have focused primarily on earthquakes and volcanoes and the children have investigated the top 10 volcanoes then studied the infamous Mount Vesuvius, which the children wrote about. Here are a few of their completed recounts of… More

London’s Burning!


  This week we continued our history topic and moved on from the plague to the fire of London. The children have been captivated by this and have learned with such verve and enthusiasm this week! Our timelines were superb. In English we used our knowledge of the fire of London to compose compound sentences and… More