An interesting week…

We have had an interesting week in Year two. Our focus in Geography this week has been a big success and the children have enjoyed learning about each of the continents and oceans. We discovered some incredible places in each and every continent. Thursday was an exciting day – the children went to meet their… More

Thank you!

We would like to thank you all for your support and kindness this year. It has been a pleasure to teach your children and we wish them well as they move to Year 1. We would also like to thank you for the kind cards and gifts and we hope all have a lovely restful… More

Water Play Day

Year 3 have had an amazing day drenching their teachers!! We enjoyed some fun outdoor activities before the main water event. After changing into our dry clothes, we enjoyed our picnic and then a movie afternoon with a cool ice lolly.

Science Experiment – Changing States of Matter

We designed an investigation to find out how we could get melted chocolate back to a solid form as quickly as possible. We discussed the idea of keeping the test fair by only changing one variable which was the temperature. We predicted that the melted chocolate surrounded by ice would solidify first as we learned… More

What a Year!

A fantastic start to Year 4! The Year 3 team are over the moon to be taking Kittiwakes and Oystercatchers up to become Dolphins and Whales. Transition day was a massive success and we are all happy with our ‘new’ classes. We are looking forward to an exciting and fun-filled week before the holidays. We wish… More

Dog Smart Year 4

Last week, Jackie from the Accident Prevention Group came into school to help us understand more about keeping safe around dogs. We learned lots of interesting facts and she made us think more carefully about the way we behave with dogs which are known to us and strange dogs.

Preparing for Year Two

This week the children were very excited about visiting their new classes. They have worked incredibly hard this year and are now in a great position to start the next stage of their education. The children in Puffins will be moving to Coastguards and will be taught by Mrs Kearney and Mr Smith. Penguins will… More

Geordie Conversation

Year 3 having been having a great time learning Geordie words and phrases. After learning about the possible origins of the term ‘Geordie’, we discussed famous Geordies and then looked at different words and phrases used in this part of the country. The children then worked in groups to devise a conversation using as many… More

Y6 Dog Awareness Sessions

Following the unfortunate recent news of the dog attack in Blyth, a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Amy attended School on Friday to present a Dog Safety Awareness presentation to the year 6 students, some of who were involved in the attack. Amy explained to the students different body languages and what dogs try to tell us… More

Enterprise Day

Since Blyth is hosting The Tall Ships this year, Year 6 decided to make this their theme for enterprise day. Children participated in the Virgin Money ‘fiver challenge’ whereby they each borrowed £5 to help them buy equipment to make items to sell. This money had to be repaid back, with interest, at the end of the… More