Marvellous Market

It has been another busy and successful week in Year 1. The children have worked hard to complete their end of half term assessments in Reading, Maths and Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. We were extremely proud of how all the children coped with these assessments as it was their first time for undergoing tests of this… More

Roll up! Roll up! It’s market week!

What a fantastic end we have had to the first half term. We could not be prouder of the achievements the children have made over the last seven weeks, both academically and pastorally. On Monday we learned about where money comes from. We could describe the money we use in the UK and name different… More

Science – Human and Animal Skeletons

In Science, we have been learning about the importance of our skeleton for: movement, protection and support. We have been identifying bones in the human body and finding out more about their functions.          We found out that animal skeletons can be different from human skeletons. In fact, some animals have their skeleton on the… More

KS1 Homework Books Return Deadline

As it is a teacher training day on Friday, please can we have all Y1 and Y2 homework books by Thursday at the very latest. If your child has completed their weekly homework before Thursday please can we have their book back as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support!

Stepping Back into the Past!

What a fantastic week we have had in Year Two! On Wednesday we went to Beamish open-air museum where we were able to apply our knowledge and understanding of life in the past. In Old Pockerley Hall we used tallow to make traditional candles, baked ginger biscuits and made fragrant lavender bags to keep the… More

Making Switches

Year 4 have been learning about electrical circuits and how they work. Last week Dolphins explored different items which require an electrical circuit to work and can be controlled using a switch. The class were fantastic at using scientific vocabulary to explain what was happening when the switch was turned on and off. This week… More


This week we studied the lifecycle of birds which led to an interesting investigation of eggs.

Story maps

We have continued our learning around the ‘Bear Hunt’ story this week. The children are getting really good at retelling the story using actions and repeated phrases. To help them to remember the order of the story, we made story maps using collage materials, paint and pens. The children will be bringing their story maps home so that they… More

Home/School Reading

Thank you to everyone who has remembered to return their reading books each Thursday.  This is our designated reading day which is an opportunity for your child to share their book and choose a new one.  Please remember if you would like to change your book throughout the week you can do so at the… More

Reading for pleasure

Now that the nights are getting darker, there are numerous opportunities to cozy up with your child and a good book. The reading in Year 4 is definitely improving, and we are making every effort to hear your child read weekly in class. It has been a pleasure to witness their progress. Next week your… More