Tasting porridge

This half-term we have been learning about the story ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’. In our fine-motor area this week our Finger Gym challenge was to try to find all of the pictures from the Goldilocks story and tick them off on the list when we had found them. Yesterday, Mrs Priest made porridge with small… More

Ancient Egypt

This week Year 5 have been History Detectives, whereby they have had fun trying to establish what some Ancient Egyptian artefacts are!

Another busy week!

Wow! What a lot we have packed into one week in Year 6! Despite the weather cancelling our trip to Bamburgh, we didn’t let that dampen our spirits! We ended up having an exciting and creative day researching Bamburgh and it’s former residents to see if we could learn about any spooky goings on. We… More

A magnificent measuring week!

This week,  in English we have been writing our own versions of the Jewish folk tale ‘It could always be worse’ by Margot Zumach. After lots of verbal rehearsal and illustrative input last week, the children were ready to write! They knew the story so well and many children were able to compose sentences of their own… More

Christmas Around the World

This week, Year 2 have been learning about different Christmas celebrations around the world. In literacy, we read all about Christmas in Germany and made comparisons to customs and traditions in England. We even received a postcard and a letter from Germany! We also travelled back in time to Victorian England, where rich people dined… More

Design and Technology – Art Straw Sculptures

As part of our ongoing ‘Sculptures in the North East’ topic, we have been designing our own sculptures that could represent what our school means to us. We initially planned out our design individually before agreeing on a group idea that we could actually begin to build. As a part of our process, we had… More

Remembrance Day

Today the children took part in a minutes silence for Remembrance Day.  They observed it beautifully and we watched a short animated film to help the children understand what it was all about.


Thank you to everyone who sent their children dressed correctly for P.E.  The children have enjoyed it and we have had a very active day. This week the Seahorse class did P.E. in the hall and the Starfish class outdoors.  Next week they will swap.


Following two meetings, we now have 73 relatives across Nursery and Reception signed up and active on our online learning journal system ‘Tapestry’. We are really enjoying reading your comments and looking at photographs that you have put on of things you have done with your children at home. We hope that you are also finding it a valuable tool… More


. This week we researched Ancient Egyptian Gods as part of our history topic. We found out lots of interesting information and then worked in pairs to create posters, showing what we had learned