Holly Oak House

Some of the children from choir went to Holly Oak house to sign Christmas Carols for the residents. It was a lovely opportunity to sing to an audience and the perfect way for the residents to start their Christmas celebrations.  

Tudor Projects

We invited parents and carers into school to look at the hard work that the children had put into their Tudor homework projects. It was fantastic to see how hard all the children had worked on their projects and it was wonderful to see so many adults questioning and engaging with the whole year group…. More

Road safety visit from the Police

We were joined in Year 6 by some PCSOs from Blyth NPT who set up a crime scene in our classroom! The children had to investigate what had happened at the Zebra crossing and learned how to preserve and collect evidence. They also got the chance to interview a ‘witness’ and the children thought of… More

Project presentations

Thank you to all parents and carers who were able to join us in school this week to share the Ancient Egyptian project presentations completed by Y5, throughout the Autumn term. The presentations were diverse and unique; reflecting the interests of the individuals, which was wonderful to see. We hope you enjoyed the afternoon as… More

A Wriggly Nativity

Last week we took part in three performances of our ‘Wriggly Nativity’. Lots of our parents and carers came to watch and the children were great at singing in front of their audience. We are sure that those of you who came to watch thought the children were fantastic and we hope that it filled you with the… More

Ground Force in Year 3

Earlier on this half term, we were lucky enough to go out with Mrs Dent and Mr Fenwick to plant some bulbs in the Lower Key Stage 2 patch of soil. We each had to carefully create a hole in the soil before placing our bulb inside. Then we had to cover it over with… More

Merry Christmas

Well, what a term! We are almost there, only one more week to go before we break for Christmas. The children are extremely tired after a week of performances. They have all worked very hard over the past couple of weeks in order to prepare and present the Christmas carol service in church, I’m sure you’ll agree,… More

Topic Project presentation

We would just like to remind all year 5 parents that you are invited in to school on Monday 12th December from 2pm onwards to view the display of home learning topic projects that Year 5 have completed. During this time you will have the opportunity to look at your child’s books; we shall also… More

A week of stars!

It has been quite a week in Year 1! After our final rehearsals, on Wednesday we were ready to perform our magnificent production ‘The Landlord’s Cat’. Our school hall was packed for both performances and the children were truly amazing! They sang, danced and told the Christmas story from the perspective of the stealthy landlords… More

Christmas Celebrations

This week we have been thinking about celebration food. We began our food technology week learning about dips and dippers. Within this, we learned about food hygiene rules and explored how to use kitchen equipment to prepare food safely. We applied these skills when making and evaluating a healthy dip. We also developed our understanding of the eat-well plate and explained the… More