It has been non-stop in Year 6 recently we haven’t had time to pause for breath! The children have all been working extremely hard at improving their writing skills both in content and in presentation. Our learning this term is based around the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. We have been trying to imagine what… More

Weekly P.E.

The children have really enjoyed our sessions this half term exploring the large apparatus. For health and safety reasons it is essential your child comes dressed in the correct P.E. uniform as specified in the Uniform Policy.  Please ask a member of staff if you are unsure of the correct dress code. Remember FRIDAY is… More

Netball tournament

Yesterday some of our Year 5 girls competed in a netball tournament with 9 other schools from Northumberland. The team showed great determination as they won their first two games, 3-0 and 2-0 respectively. They carried on demonstrating a brilliant team spirit and managed to secure a place in the semi-final, where they faced a tough match against St… More

A very eggsellent eggsperiment!

We had an exciting Tuesday afternoon where we revealed the results of our tooth enamel investigation. Last week, Year 4 placed hard boiled eggs into glass jars and poured variety of liquids over the eggs to investigate the effect these liquids would have on the shell. We used eggs because the shell is similar to the enamel on our teeth…. More

The Plague is coming!

This week we have continued learning more about our exciting topic The Great Fire of London. We all became journalists working for the Times and have written our own newspaper articles documenting the key events during 1666. In our newspaper articles, we have included all of the key elements including: an attention grabbing headline, quotations from key… More

Litter Pick Poster

The JLT are going to be launching a litter pick campaign on the school grounds very soon. As a part of their launch, they want to put posters up around the school ground to try and encourage members of the school community to put their litter in the correct bins. In year 3, we have… More

The Plague!

In English we have had a reading focus this week. Our Plague topic has given us some super ways to get the children reading. They really enjoyed our whole class reading session where we found out about the plague in London in 1665. The children were encouraged to use the sounds they know from our… More

Pulitzer Prize Winners in the Making!

This week we continued to learn about the key aspects of the Buddhist faith. We discovered where Buddhism originated and used our map skills, developed last term, to identify where India is on a world map. After that, we explored the story behind who Buddha was. We learned that Siddhartha Gautama was the Buddha and… More

“Run! The fire is coming!”

What an exciting week we have had in Y2! We have been continuing to learn about the Great Fire of London and have applied our knowledge and understanding across the curriculum. In our English lessons we explored first person accounts and we created our own first diaries from the perspective of Samuel Pepys maid, Jane. We thought carefully about… More

Computing – Starting to Code!

In computing this week, we started to explore how to code for the first time. We now understand that coding is the language of computers. Every website, piece of software or computer game we have ever used is made possible through coding. Through coding, you can give meaning and instructions to different keys on the keyboard or the click of the mouse…. More