Roman Homework Projects

Thank you to all of the children, parents and families who put in such an outstanding amount of effort into the year 3 Roman homework projects. The level of creativity was excellent.

Materials and their properties!

This week during Science, Year 2 have been learning all about materials and their properties. Firstly, Lifeboats and Coastguards were introduced to new vocabulary of a variety of material properties. We matched up the new vocabulary to their definition. We liked learning new words to use instead of using the same descriptive words repeatedly!  … More

Internet Safety Day

As part of Internet Safety Day, in year 3 we have been creating posters about the importance of not meeting up with strangers. We saw an important video about a young girl who thought she was messaging someone who was the same age as her. This was not the case. Fortunately, her mam picked her up from school and… More

Fantastic Football

This half term Y5 have had an experienced football coach, linked with the Schools Sports Partnership, teaching their P.E. lessons. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions and learnt some valuable skills, that can be transferred to many other team games and sporting activities.


Our recent science topic has been ‘Properties and Changes of Materials.’ We started by looing at different materials and sorting them by their properties – it was harder than we had expected!   We looked at different Irreversible and Reversible changes and conducted a few experiments together as a class. Then we talked about thermal… More

Another Week of Weather!

We have had a good week again in Puffins and Penguins! Our week began with the continuation of our UK Weather booklets. This cross curricular series of lessons has worked very well. Through geography and science, the children have used their sentence writing skills to complete their booklets. Lots of children are using and to… More

Thank you

The year 5 staff would like to say a huge thank you to those parents who recently attended our Maths curriculum evening. We hope you found it useful and informative; the feedback we received on the evening was that parents found the sessions very helpful to equip them to help children with homework and achieve their potential. For any parents who… More

Musical Masters!

In our music lesson, Dolphins composed a soundtrack to accompany a Cream Egg advert. The Cream Eggs set off on a cycle race in a velodrome. We began by planning which instruments would best compliment the action on each part of the clip. Children were then organised into groups of similar instruments, and they decided… More

ICT in Y5

Throughout this half term children in Year 5 have completed an ICT project to create a working fan for a  toilet! Using Lego Wedo they designed their fan then programmed it using Scratch. By the end of the topic children have created fans that start slowly then move to a medium speed before spinning at maximum speed then slow down… More

Important dates for your diary

Tuesday 4th April – Easter Curriculum Day Please sign up on the sheet in the Nursery cloakroom if you are intending to come.   Wednesday 5th April –  Signed letters must be returned for movie day   Thursday 6th April – Easter Activity Day   Friday 7th April – Non-Uniform and Movie Day We are… More