Year 5 assembly

Just a reminder that we will be holding our Year 5 assembly for parents next Thursday at 9am in the hall. This is a celebration of everything we have learned this year and we’d love you to join us. After the assembly parents are invited to come to classes with their children to take part in… More

Money, Money, Money!

This week during English, Year 1 changed the main characters of Little Red Riding Hood to create a new version of the story. The children loved making up new characters and shaking up the original traditional tale. We are all very proud of the developing maturity and improved quantity and quality of the children’s writing and can see they… More

Viking Diaries

We have had a lovely week, the sun shining and the children smiling. Lots of learning has still taken place. We are over the moon with the quality of the projects this term, the models of the Viking longboats are top class. The children have taken great pride in presenting them to their peers and… More

Curriculum Day

As part of our Northumberland celebration week we have decided to theme this term’s curriculum day around ‘Northumberland’.’ We are planning to make flags and bunting to decorate the school and explore and create castles like the magnificent ones we have in Northumberland. The curriculum day will be held on Thursday 25th May 2017 (the… More

During Mathematics this week, we have been consolidating our knowledge about 2 dimensional shapes and their properties. Also, we have began to learn about 3 dimensional shapes and the properties that they have, we used plastic shapes to help us as the children found it quite challenging to visualise the properties of the shapes without… More

Year 5 visit BBC studios!

This week children from Year 5 visited BBC studios in Newcastle, where they were given the opportunity to look around and explore the studio, find out about recording and presenting programmes, the history of the BBC and even meet some famous faces from TV!  Throughout the day children took part in activities whereby they featured on TV… More

Tag Rugby Tournament

Well done to all of the year 3 children who took part in the tag rugby tournament this week. They played 6 matches against year 4 children and they won 3 and lost 3, ending up finishing 4th overall. The rest of the year group are very proud of you!

Making volcanoes

As part of the DT curriculum, pupils in Submarines designed and made volcanoes. Once they are complete children will evaluate their designs and consider what they would change if they did this again!

Summer Term is here!

Welcome back! We are looking forward to a lovely summer term in Year 4. We can’t believe how quick the time is going. Last term we carried out some persuasive writing and the children have managed to persuade Mrs. Armstrong to let us go ahead with a school visit to Lindisfarne as part of our… More

Welcome back!

We were delighted to see the children returning to us bright and breezy on Monday! We have had a good week in Year 1 and have started our Fairy Tales topic. We have been exploring characters, settings, openings and endings. The children have enjoyed reading and sharing their favourite tales. This popular topic will continue… More