Tour De France

This week, we were given the opportunity to explore all things linked to the Tour De France. Currently, in France, the best professional cyclists are taking part in what is considered to be the hardest sporting event in the world. We found out about the history of the race, the importance of the different coloured… More

Sports Day

The children¬†had great fun trying out all of the different activities and tried their very best throughout. Well done to everyone.  


As a reward for the best attendance in the Foundation Stage, the Starfish class went to Bounce.  We all had great fun!

Fun had by all!

It has been a brilliant week in Year 1. The children completed their end of year assessments at the beginning of the week and had a lovely time building bridges and working on their team work with Year 6. Thank you for all the newspaper you supplied. On Wednesday, Penguins had a thoroughly fantastic time… More

Phew! What a busy summer term it’s been!

Where do we start?   Joseph The children have been working and rehearsing nonstop in preparation for our ‘amazing’ production of Joseph which hopefully, you all had the pleasure of watching. One thing the Year 6 team could see was the confidence, dedication and enthusiam the children showed throughout every performance. There were tear of… More

STEM – Engineering Roman Catapults

Over the last two weeks, we have been investigating the effectiveness of different types of catapults. As Roman engineers, we have learned about pivot based catapults, elastic energy catapults and the importance of having a solid foundation. We were told the importance of trying different ideas out, our teachers were facilitators and would give us… More

Sensational Safari

Our new topic this half term is Africa and we have been introducing the children to the continent of Africa, looking specifically at the country of Kenya. We have been using the i pads and non-fiction books from the library to research different elements of life in Kenya including location, weather and climate, landmarks and… More

Sports Day

Well done to all of the children for the incredible effort they put in. Whether the children came first, last or in between, they all understood the importance of giving it a go and trying their hardest. We are all very proud of you, Year 3!