Newcastle Falcons Rugby

Every Wednesday, this half term, we have been lucky enough to work with Louise and Josh from the Newcastle Falcons. As well as improving our tag rugby skills with Josh outside, we have also been learning sign language with Louise. In just¬†three weeks, we have learned: the alphabet, colours and numbers up to ten. Please… More

Street Child Drama

In Literacy we have been exploring the first few chapters of our new novel Street Child. We have been exploring characters thoughts and feelings through drama and the use of freeze frames. ¬†  

Maps of the world!

We have been looking at where Egypt is in the world and decided to see if we could remember all of the different continent names we learned last year! Not only that, but our challenge was to draw a map of the world on a blank sheet of paper! The children recalled lots of information… More

Science – Electrical Circuits

In science this half term, we started off by learning about the difference between mains and battery powered appliances in the home. We then made our own simple circuits and discovered that in order for a bulb to light, the circuit had to be complete. A switch is used to create a gap in a… More

French – Describing Nouns

In French with Mrs Simpson, we have been learning about adjectives (describing words). After watching a short clip on Rigolo, we were then able to put what we had learned into practise. After saying simple statements about ourselves aloud to the rest of the class, we created character profiles to describe how we look, our… More

Welcome back!

What a wonderful start we have had in Year 1! The children have all settled in really well and are enjoying all of the exciting things going on in the classrooms. We have started off our term with the story of Biscuit Bear by Minnie Grey- an exciting story about the adventures of a lonely… More

Welcome Back!

It was a delight to welcome back the children on Tuesday and my how they have all grown! Everyone has settled into their new Year 2 classrooms really well and they have returned to school with a sensible and mature attitude for this important year.   We started the week by writing a recount of… More