Halloween Fun!

To celebrate Halloween in Year 4, we had an entire day dedicated to all things spooky and frightening. During the morning, we read Halloween poetry and analysed the texts to find good language that we could adapt and use in our own poems. After watching Mr Gregory and Mrs Trueman perform Halloween poems, we created a… More

Tag Rugby Festival Celebration!

As a reward for completing our ‘Try to Sign’ scheme, we were invited to Kingston Park, the home of the Newcastle Falcons, to take part in a celebration afternoon. We were able to take part in non-competitive matches against children from other schools to show off what we had learned. Unlike the other schools, we… More

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

This week we have been reading and writing hieroglyphics as part of our study of Ancient Egypt. We looked at the origins of hieroglyphics, including the history of ‘The Rosetta Stone’, before we began using them within the classrooms. Can you use the code to read our names or messages?  

Wow, what a busy half term!

Kittiwakes and Oystercatchers have had a very busy and challenging half term. The children have had huge adjustments to make coming into key stage 2 but have been amazing and have started to settle in brilliantly. Already they have been part of some exciting activities. Our STEM week and school trip have been particularly fun… More

STEM week

The Year 6 challenge for STEM week was to create a moving vehicle using either elastic bands or balloons. We were all  amazed at the resourcefulness and resilience demonstrated by the children in Atlantis and Neptune and have no doubt that there are some budding scientists and engineers in our midst.

A leaf man’s got to go where the wind blows…

This week we have been exploring the story Leaf Man, by Lois Ehlert. We discussed her stunning illustrations and commented on her use of colour and how this links to autumn. As part of our science learning, we examined trees in our woodland area and noted the changes we could see. Did you know that… More

STEM WEEK – Floating and Sinking – FORCES

As part our work on stem week, we used inspiration from our 2nd class novel ‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgwick. We designed and made boats using our scientifc knowledge of materials and their properties as well as our knowledge of forces including upthrust. We delevoped our skills of working as part of a team and then tested… More

Y5 Visit Beamish

This week we visited Beamish with two purposes in mind: To experience Victorian life linked to our literacy novel street child To observe different forms of transport from a variety of eras linked to our STEM week focus on transport and travel. What a fantasic day we experienced with several learning opportunities, excellent questioning from… More

Visit to Alnwick Castle

What a wonderful visit we had to Alnwick Castle last week! Our children took part in a wand making workshop and were taught the magic words to make our wands come to life. We were an audience for a fantastic story about knights, giants, wizards and dragons. We used our wands and the magic words… More

Y6 so far…

We can’t believe we have only been in Year 6 for four weeks! The children have been excellent and we have been so busy in every single subject…         Literacy has been one of our favourites as we started our class novel ‘Holes’ and earlier this week we entered Camp Green Lake… More