STEM Centre, Northumberland College

Year 4 had an incredible time at the recently opened, £2.5 million STEM centre in Ashington. We took part in four exciting activities that encouraged problem solving, creative thinking and developed our understanding of STEM as a whole. One of the STEM tasks we took part in was linked to forensics. We found out that… More

Easter Eggstravaganza Day

We loved our day of celebrations linked to Easter in Year 4 this week. We took part in a load of activities both inside and outside the classroom. We wanted to share some photographs from the day to give you all a feel for what we got up to. In class, we created our own… More

Debate Club

Mr Smith set us a new challenge this month – to start a debate club! Keen to try new things the Y6 students immediately jumped to the challenge and began to prepare their speeches for the upcoming event – a debate against the pupils at Horton Grange, discussing whether or not the Suffragettes were right… More

A Cautionary Tale…

We began our week by diving into a new book: Grendel- a Cautionary Tale about Chocolate. Grendel is a little monster who adores chocolate. So when he is presented with the opportunity of making three wishes – guess what he does? In this new take on the King Midas story, a wish that everything he… More

Cricket Allstars Taster Session

We were very lucky to have Adam and Matthew come in to visit us this morning from Cricket Allstars. We enjoyed our cricket taster session and, now that we have a feel for fielding and batting, are keen to take part in future opportunities offered by the team. Please read all of the information given… More

World Book Day

World Book Day was a massive success with some amazing costumes, lots of reading and we were very proud of our Year 3 children. They welcome Year 1 children to read with them and were very mature in their attitudes and behaviour.

World Book Day 2018

Last week we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We all came dressed as our favourite book characters and took part in a range of activities linked to stories and books.   Our favourite activity of the day was ‘peer reading’ where some Year 5 pupils spent time reading stories to us. We are hoping that this… More

Spring has Sprung?

In Coastguards this week, we have been looking at measuring accurately in centimeters and meters. We have been thinking about what are the appropriate units of measurement to use. We have applied our learning to solve problems involving ordering and comparing length. In English we have been thinking about Traction Man as a toy and… More

Spring Science – Reversible and Irreversible changes (materials)

This term we have been learning about the properties of materials. We revised the three states of matter and discussed how materials change state.   Dissolving We discussed what we thought dissolving meant and then explored some different materials and used science models to explain what was happening.       Absorbency As part of… More