Creating Renewable Energy

Catapult came into Year 6 to discuss how we can create renewable energy for the future. We found out you could use offshore wind to do this, and then designed and tested our own blades for a wind turbine.

Building in 3D!

Year 3 have been reinforcing their learning on 3D shapes by building their own. There were lots of skills involved. First they needed to count the number of edges and vertices, then identify the 2D shapes they needed for the faces and finally they had to cut the straws to exactly the right length before… More

Woodhorn Colliery Visit

Kittiwakes and Oystercatchers have had a fantastic couple of days at Woodhorn Colliery, reinforcing all of their learning about mining, and life at that time in the local area. We have explored the machinery, experienced ‘pit life’ and studied the pitman painters before recreating one of the paintings ourselves. We even had time for a… More

Protecting Our Environment

Year 3 have had a great day with Julie and Jack from Natural History Society of Northumbria who have been with us all day working on Plan A to protect North East Nature. We have learned how nature is connected through the ‘Wood Wide Web’, food chains and the effects of our actions on nature…. More

Operation Game

The children have been learning all about the body this week, as part of our new topic, How high can I jump? Nursery have shown great resilience (one of our 7 R’s!) whilst playing the classic game, ‘Operation’. This game helped us learn about the body and supported us to develop our fine motor skills…. More

Reception Sports Day

It was so nice to welcome families back onto the school site on Friday for our sports event. The children really enjoyed performing in front of an audience. It was so Newsham to see the way that the children enjoyed themselves, did their best, and were pleased for their classmates even if they did better!… More