Frequently Asked Questions – SEND

Q.  What is a pupil profile?

A.  A document written and reviewed at least termly that contains a small number of individual targets to help children develop desirable skills.  The pupil profile is designed to help children progress towards accessing an age appropriate curriculum.  Parents receive a copy of the new pupil profile each term. A child who has a pupil profile is on the SEND register in school.

Q.  What is the SEND register?

A.  It is a list of all children who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities at any given time.  Most of whom will be supported by a pupil profile.  This register helps us track learning and progress for these children.

Q.  What are Booster Clubs?

A.  Booster Clubs are provided by members of staff for a small, targeted group of pupils in any given subject at any given time.  They are not restricted to any particular group of pupils and as such, some children with SEND may attend.  Individual invitations are sent out by school for these sessions.

Q.  What role does school play in identifying diagnosable conditions?

A.  School can refer to many outside agencies to support this process for families, but are unable to suggest any diagnosis ourselves.