OFSTED and Performance Information

What Ofsted say about us:

“Newsham Primary School continues to be a good school.”

“Newsham Primary School is a bright, friendly and calm school, which is at the heart of its community.  Pupils say that the school is brilliant.”

“Staff and pupils all share the 7Rs, which are the values of the school.”

“The resolute, determined and inspirational leadership of the headteacher, ably supported by the senior leadership team, has transformed learning in Newsham. The school has rapidly improved because leaders and governors have successfully tackled previous weaknesses.”

“Pupils make good progress in their learning from their individual starting points, and achieve well. This includes disadvantaged pupils and the most-able pupils.”

“Pupils learn quickly and show enjoyment in well-planned lessons. Teachers assess their work carefully and accurately, and give timely support and guidance. This is appreciated by pupils, who respond thoughtfully.”

“The behaviour of pupils is good. They are very polite, friendly, courteous and have good manners.”

“Pupils’ consideration of others and positive attitudes to learning ensure that their personal development and welfare is outstanding.”

Please see links to our latest Ofsted reports at the bottom of this page. There is also some useful information here from the Ofsted Dashboard.

A significant amount of performance information is gathered about pupils at Newsham.

The most important information is that which is gathered by the teacher everyday. This is gathered in many different ways, then teachers use this information to plan the next steps of learning for the children they are working with.

Information is also gathered across the school and then carefully analysed. Leaders are using this data to identify areas of best practice, training and resource needs and pupils who require different support. Ultimately this ensures Newsham pupils are achieving the very best that they can.

National Tests are also used to analyse performance. These tests include the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, Year 2 SATs and Year 6 SATs. We are keen to share information about the school’s performance. Some of the links in this section will give you insight into the current picture.

Summary documents of the schools performance in statutory tests are displayed in school and are also available here. If parents or carers would like to discuss any issues relating to this, Mr Jones would be very keen to meet with you.