Attendance Information

At Newsham we consider attendance and punctuality to be key factors in helping us to raise standards.

All absences from school are recorded and included in individual and overall school attendance figures. As a school our target is to achieve an overall attendance figure of 95% during this school year. We aim to work closely with parents/carers so please don’t be surprised to hear from us if your child’s attendance raises a concern, as we monitor attendance very closely.

How can you help?

There are a few simple things that you can do to help us improve attendance and punctuality at Newsham Primary School: please do not allow your child to have time off school unless it is absolutely necessary; ensure your child arrives at school on time each morning; let school know as soon as possible why your child is absent from school; try to make appointments out of school time and avoid booking holidays in term time.

Raising levels of attendance and improving punctuality will help raise standards of attainment for our pupils.