School Vision

NB – Please note that our school vision is being reviewed in 2019-2020.  Teachers, HLTAs and Band 4 Teaching Assistants reviewed the vision on 2nd September 2019 and other stakeholders will be included in this consultation process throughout 2019-2020.  If you are involved in the life of Newsham Primary School and would like to contribute to this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Newsham Primary School – Our Vision

Our school provides a happy, secure, healthy, forward thinking and enthusiastic environment where everyone flourishes.  We voice our views openly and honestly because we know our beliefs and ideas will always be valued.  Ongoing reflection and a continual pursuit of excellence underpin our continual improvements and the high expectations that impact on all areas of our work. Learners are considerate and cooperative and take great pride in the success of their learning environment.  Both adults and children are supported by clear and consistent systems and structures.  Our organised and purposeful ethos encourages the highest degree of effort in all that we do.

We incorporate a range of both established and proactive teaching and learning strategies that meet the needs of our pupils.  We are committed to the highest standards in all areas of the curriculum and recognise the importance of attainment in Literacy, Numeracy and the use of ICT to support lifelong learning.  Our curriculum offers challenge through fun, relevant learning activities, which cater for a variety of learning styles and the range of needs and abilities within each class.  Our staff and children are justifiably proud of the approachable, enthusiastic and fair relationships they foster within school.  Children have a high sense of self worth.

As an outstanding school we encourage positive change and are prepared to take risks within a safe and healthy environment.  We know that at times we all need to go beyond the boundaries of our “comfort zone” but high quality training and our willingness to share best practice support our development.  Active liaison and the commitment to relevant partnerships within and outside our learning environment enhance our work still further.

Lines of communication that operate within and extend from school are clear and open.  Consultation with all major stakeholders is an integral feature of key developments.  Critical thinking, enquiry and evaluative thought are actively encouraged and the democratic process is evident in systems and structures throughout school.

Our school is proactive, dynamic, supportive and hard working.  It provides enrichment and fulfilment for all.

A set of core values underpin all our work.  Each of us should ensure these values are reflected in what we do on a daily basis.



·         Open, honest & approachable

·         Children First

·         Clear and consistent structures