This term the children have been learning the story Jack and The Beanstalk.  To begin they searched the grounds for a small bag.  When they found the bag, hidden in the grass, they discovered it contained magic beans! The next morning the children came into the classroom and were surprised to find a giant beanstalk… More

Centre For Life

What a wonderful day we had at the Centre for Life.  The children demonstrated excellent behaviour, as always, and Simon who taught us about space said he had never met a school with so much knowledge! We took part in a range of activities: Lab work:  Identifying objects to see if they were alive or… More

Whatever Next!

The children went on a lovely walk in the school grounds to find clues for the next story we will read.  What strange items we found hanging in the Woodland Walk! Whatever could they be for? We made a list of everything we found to discuss when we went back to class. The children discovered… More

Snow Fun!

This week Year One went outside to explore the brief but very exciting snow shower.  We made snow balls, drew Beegu (our friendly alien) in the snow, made snow angels and looked closely at the different patterns on the sole of shoes.  Some of us even had a go at Dancing on Ice!  Most of… More

The Great Fire of London

This week we have been discovering a historic event which happened in 1666.  This exciting new topic has really engaged the children and we are learning to retell the story using specific vocabulary.    So far we have been introduced to these words and their meanings: bakery, escape, afraid and flames.  Ask your children to… More

Three Little Pigs

This week we have continued our learning on ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  We have been using story stones and creating story maps to help us remember the characters, setting and main events of the story.   Using story maps supports us to retell the story in preparation for writing. As part of this topic we have… More

Three Little Pigs

Continuing our learning on the Three Little Pig story, this week the Seahorses and Starfish classes have been learning to tell the story using actions.  We have also been very busy outside building a house of sticks.  We have decided the little pigs must have been very clever builders as we found the task tricky…. More

The Three Little Pigs

This half term our learning activities will focus on the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  We will be learning to draw, paint, tell, act and write the story.  This week we have developed a new role play area, the pig’s house, and have been using story vocabulary in our play.  We have been learning to play… More