Welcome back!

We were delighted to see the children returning to us bright and breezy on Monday! We have had a good week in Year 1 and have started our Fairy Tales topic. We have been exploring characters, settings, openings and endings. The children have enjoyed reading and sharing their favourite tales. This popular topic will continue… More

Another Week of Weather!

We have had a good week again in Puffins and Penguins! Our week began with the continuation of our UK Weather booklets. This cross curricular series of lessons has worked very well. Through geography and science, the children have used their sentence writing skills to complete their booklets. Lots of children are using and to… More

London’s Burning!

  This week we continued our history topic and moved on from the plague to the fire of London. The children have been captivated by this and have learned with such verve and enthusiasm this week! Our timelines were superb. In English we used our knowledge of the fire of London to compose compound sentences and… More

The Plague!

In English we have had a reading focus this week. Our Plague topic has given us some super ways to get the children reading. They really enjoyed our whole class reading session where we found out about the plague in London in 1665. The children were encouraged to use the sounds they know from our… More

Welcome to 2017!

The children returned to school rested and ready to learn! We began the week by reading The Jolly Postman by Janet & Alan Ahlberg. The children are learning about the features of letters and they enjoyed reading the various types of letters delivered by the Jolly Postman. If you receive or send any letters at… More

A week of stars!

It has been quite a week in Year 1! After our final rehearsals, on Wednesday we were ready to perform our magnificent production ‘The Landlord’s Cat’. Our school hall was packed for both performances and the children were truly amazing! They sang, danced and told the Christmas story from the perspective of the stealthy landlords… More

A magnificent measuring week!

This week,  in English we have been writing our own versions of the Jewish folk tale ‘It could always be worse’ by Margot Zumach. After lots of verbal rehearsal and illustrative input last week, the children were ready to write! They knew the story so well and many children were able to compose sentences of their own… More

A week of light!

We have had a week filled with light in Year 1! Working within our topic of celebrations around the world, the children discovered the history behind Bonfire night. They created exciting firework pictures using a variety or media. This was followed by some super firework poetry in literacy with lots of bangs, crackles and zooms! The theme of light… More

A Brilliant Beamish Visit!

We have had a very busy and successful week in Year 1. In English we continued with our Owl and Pussycat poem – lots of the children can now recite some or all of the poem! We focused on our writing this week and the children tried very hard to write sentences about the events… More