Musical Masters!

In our music lesson, Dolphins composed a soundtrack to accompany a Cream Egg advert. The Cream Eggs set off on a cycle race in a velodrome. We began by planning which instruments would best compliment the action on each part of the clip. Children were then organised into groups of similar instruments, and they decided… More

A very eggsellent eggsperiment!

We had an exciting Tuesday afternoon where we revealed the results of our tooth enamel investigation. Last week, Year 4 placed hard boiled eggs into glass jars and poured variety of liquids over the eggs to investigate the effect these liquids would have on the shell. We used eggs because the shell is similar to the enamel on our teeth…. More

Making Switches

Year 4 have been learning about electrical circuits and how they work. Last week Dolphins explored different items which require an electrical circuit to work and can be controlled using a switch. The class were fantastic at using scientific vocabulary to explain what was happening when the switch was turned on and off. This week… More

Water Play Day

Year 3 have had an amazing day drenching their teachers!! We enjoyed some fun outdoor activities before the main water event. After changing into our dry clothes, we enjoyed our picnic and then a movie afternoon with a cool ice lolly.

Geordie Conversation

Year 3 having been having a great time learning Geordie words and phrases. After learning about the possible origins of the term ‘Geordie’, we discussed famous Geordies and then looked at different words and phrases used in this part of the country. The children then worked in groups to devise a conversation using as many… More