Fabulous effort for Sport Relief

All year groups – even Nursery! – took part in running around our circuit.  Y6 children had measured the route and calculated how many laps were needed for one mile.

Working in the community, New Delaval Co-op

Children in Y4, 5 and 6 were asked to help decorate the Community Christmas Wish Tree, at New Delaval Co-op, with baubles.  The children decorated one side and added a wish which was special to them to the other.  Nine children were then invited to the Co-op to hang the best 30 baubles on the tree.  The… More

Maths outdoors

Y6 have been using the outdoors as a basis for maths problems: Which registrations will give us the greatest and smallest differences? If we make the car park 50% larger, how many cars will be able to use it? The pupils had to plan their investigation and allocate jobs to each person in the group.

Woodhorn Colliery

The Poppies In fields poppies grow Between crosses in every row Soldiers fought for us Why could they not discuss? So many ones we love Are now looking down from above They risked their life Sometimes fighting with only a knife So we wouldn’t die But now in the ground they lie The soldiers are… More