Year 5 assembly

Just a reminder that we will be holding our Year 5 assembly for parents next Thursday at 9am in the hall. This is a celebration of everything we have learned this year and we’d love you to join us. After the assembly parents are invited to come to classes with their children to take part in… More

Year 5 visit BBC studios!

This week children from Year 5 visited BBC studios in Newcastle, where they were given the opportunity to look around and explore the studio, find out about recording and presenting programmes, the history of the BBC and even meet some famous faces from TV!  Throughout the day children took part in activities whereby they featured on TV… More

Making volcanoes

As part of the DT curriculum, pupils in Submarines designed and made volcanoes. Once they are complete children will evaluate their designs and consider what they would change if they did this again!

Thank you

The year 5 staff would like to say a huge thank you to those parents who recently attended our Maths curriculum evening. We hope you found it useful and informative; the feedback we received on the evening was that parents found the sessions very helpful to equip them to help children with homework and achieve their potential. For any parents who… More

ICT in Y5

Throughout this half term children in Year 5 have completed an ICT project to create a working fan for a  toilet! Using Lego Wedo they designed their fan then programmed it using Scratch. By the end of the topic children have created fans that start slowly then move to a medium speed before spinning at maximum speed then slow down… More

Year 5 visit The Blyth Academy

Yesterday children from Y5 became scientists for the morning when they visited The Blyth Academy. They had great fun working in the labs to learn about the process of polymerisation as they made their own Slime!

Natural Disasters

Karimun[1] Evie[1] Eleanor(1) Throughout this half term we have been learning about natural disasters and how they are caused. We have focused primarily on earthquakes and volcanoes and the children have investigated the top 10 volcanoes then studied the infamous Mount Vesuvius, which the children wrote about. Here are a few of their completed recounts of… More

Thank you

Thank you to all parents who attended parents evenings this week. It was a great opportunity to speak with each of you individually about your child’s learning. However, if you were unable to attend and wish to make an appointment, please contact the school office. As we mentioned to some parents, we will be hosting… More


This afternoon Year 5 have welcomed Dave Burns, from Be Safe, into school who has talked to the children about the potential dangers involved with bullying, and in particular cyber-bullying. The children really enjoyed this session; finding it both useful and informative. As some of the photos show a few were keen to role-play various scenarios!

Netball tournament

Yesterday some of our Year 5 girls competed in a netball tournament with 9 other schools from Northumberland. The team showed great determination as they won their first two games, 3-0 and 2-0 respectively. They carried on demonstrating a brilliant team spirit and managed to secure a place in the semi-final, where they faced a tough match against St… More