Operation Game

The children have been learning all about the body this week, as part of our new topic, How high can I jump? Nursery have shown great resilience (one of our 7 R’s!) whilst playing the classic game, ‘Operation’. This game helped us learn about the body and supported us to develop our fine motor skills…. More

How Many Pebbles On The Beach?

This half term in Nursery the children have really enjoyed the topic ‘How many pebbles on the beach?’ We began the topic by talking to the children about their experiences of visiting the beach or going on holiday. We then went on to learn about different animals and creatures that live both on the seashore… More

Home Learning – Wall of Fame!

This week our home learning has been all about being healthy. Our activities were based around the stories ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ by Vivian Bartlett. We thought about foods that are healthy and unhealthy and some of us even tried foods that we have never tried before! We also got creative with foods,… More

Home Learning – Love and Families

This week our home learning has been about love and families. We began by reading ‘The Great Big Book of Families’ by Mary Hoffman. In the book there are lots of types of families who live in different houses and like to do different things together. We looked at a poster called ‘Different Families, Same… More

Home learning – Elmer

Our home learning week beginning 15.6.20 was all about celebrating difference and diversity and promoting equality. We used the story about Elmer the patchwork elephant to help our youngest children in Nursery explore the theme. During the week, we completed lots of fun craft activities involving patterns like Elmer’s – some of use even dressed… More

Home learning – Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Our home learning week beginning 8.6.20 was focused around the story ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ by Sarah Roberts. As part of the learning, some children visited the beach and collected stones and shells to count and we also experimented with capacity by filling and emptying different sized containers. To support our physical development, we coloured in… More

Home Learning – Pirates Love Underpants

Our home learning week beginning 1.6.20 was focused around the story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman. We have enjoyed activities such as dressing up as pirates, colouring in and cutting out underpants to hide around the house, craft activities and learning games on the computer. Below are a selection of photographs showing some of… More

Do dragons exist?

Our topic in Nursery for the first spring half term was all about dragons, princesses, knight and castles. We particularly enjoyed dressing up and taking part in role-play activities: To complete the topic at the end of the half term, we enjoyed learning a dance to medieval music and we had a fantastic banquet with… More