Finding Half

Penguins class drew on the tables today! Don’t worry though, it was just them showing us how brilliant they are at finding half. They even drew their own sharing pockets before equally halving different amounts. A great job!

Two Trips for Year 1!

Wow! What a week Year 1 has had. Not just one trip but two! They have had an amazing time exploring Alnwick Castle and were amazed at the grandeur inside and out. What was the best bit? Lots of children said it was rolling down the hill! Mrs Osborne had a try too (sorry no… More

Year 1 Spuds Are Up!

The Great Potato Growing Competition 2022 has started in Year 1. Puffins and Penguins are competing to grow the most potatoes as part of their plant topic. Last year we grew more than 4000 potatoes. Do you think we can beat it this year? What do you grow at home?

Magnetic Fishing Games

As part of our science topic – materials, Year 1 have made their own magnetic fishing games. To begin we explored a range of materials to see if they were magnetic or not. We then chose from a selection of materials to design and make a magnetic game. Not only did we have fun making… More

Year 1 Paleontologists

Year 1 have been Palaeontologists today. They have been sent coprolites (fossilised dinosaur poo!) by the Great North Museum, for them to conduct experiments. The museum needed some expert scientists to help them in their work! The children were given goggles, lollipop sticks and petri dishes to investigate the coprolites. By looking at the evidence… More

Puffins and Penguins Wall of Fame Week 4

This week has been another successful week of home learning. We have loved seeing all of your wonderful photos and are pleased to see you having so much fun! Some tricky maths work! More fabulous phonics and reading. Superb STEM activities linked to rainbows. Fantastic Physical Development! Great research into family trees. A lovely record… More

Puffins and Penguins Wall of Fame Summer 2 Week 3

We have received some more fantastic photos of all the wonderful things you have been doing at home. Well done Year 1! Fabulous Forest Schools! Woodland adventures, growing seeds, blowing dandelion seeds, making spider webs and growing tiny frogs from tadpoles!   Excellent English! Some more super spider biscuits! Marvellous Maths!

Puffins and Penguins Wall of Fame

Here you will find some pictures of the wonderful home learning that our Year 1 children have been doing. Amazing spider cakes inspired by our English story Sidney the Spider. Fabulous writing about Sayeeda the pirate and Sidney the spider. We absolutely love these Forest School Pick ‘n’ Mix activity photos!   Lots of brilliant maths… More

Super Sports Day

Puffins and Penguins had a fantastic time at sports day. We were very proud of the children’s resilience and attitude to the games they played and how they cheered their friends on all they way round the course. Thank you to all the parents who came to support us. It made the afternoon even more… More