who have been out in all weather this week to ensure cycle safety is clearly understood. We are always looking for ways to have fun, for green ways to travel and opportunities to exercise. Cycling ticks all three of those boxes, but has to be done safely!

Castle Prints

Year 2 have been amazing artists this week! Linked to our castles topic, they designed their image and worked carefully to imprint their design onto a piece of foam without it breaking! Then this week, we rolled printing ink on to the foam and squashed it onto the paper. The children loved seeing their hard work… More

Coal Miners

Year 3 have been learning what it was like to work in a coal mine. Mrs Kearney brought in some original miner’s lamps and ornaments made from coal that belonged to her grandad who was a miner in Birtley. The children enjoyed looking at the detail of the ornaments and linking them to their learning.

Year 1 Spuds Are Up!

The Great Potato Growing Competition 2022 has started in Year 1. Puffins and Penguins are competing to grow the most potatoes as part of their plant topic. Last year we grew more than 4000 potatoes. Do you think we can beat it this year? What do you grow at home?

Magnetic Fishing Games

As part of our science topic – materials, Year 1 have made their own magnetic fishing games. To begin we explored a range of materials to see if they were magnetic or not. We then chose from a selection of materials to design and make a magnetic game. Not only did we have fun making… More


Submarines have been enthusiastic engineers at the Port of Blyth. They have truly embraced the opportunity to build an electric race car and also took part in an exciting STEM workshop, learning about electricity.

Kicking Up a Storm!

We are so proud of two of our pupils who went to the Kick Boxing European Championship in Barnsley this weekend. Carter and Devon were representing England. They were highly successful. Devon won bronze in 9/10 age range and Carter won gold in 10/11. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Skipping Event

Some of our Year 3 children have had a fantastic time at a School Games skipping event today. They tried skipping alone, with a partner and with a team. They learned some very clever tricks along the way too and great fun was had by all. It was fabulous to see the children displaying the… More