Whatever Next!

This week we have been enjoying a story from one of our favourite authors, Jill Murphy. First we explored other stories by her and looked for common themes in her books. Then we created freeze frames of different parts of the story and acted them out. We had great fun taking on the different roles!… More

The Final Countdown…

In Year One it is the final countdown to the gymnastics festival! This week our super gymnasts have been preparing for next week’s event. The festival will celebrate all of the fantastic gymnastics that is taking place across the Blyth and Bedlington schools and we can’t wait to showcase our talent to the other children… More

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind!

This week our intrepid Year One time travellers stepped back into the Tardis and continued to develop an awareness of the past, using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time. We explored where the space race would fit into a chronological framework and recognised that our lives where much closer to the… More

Space Week Two

This week the children considered life without light! We looked at different light sources and recognised that the moon just reflects the light of the sun, rather than being a light source like we first thought! We helped Plop, from the Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark, investigate which would be the best thing… More

Space… the final frontier!

In Year One we began the week by thinking about celebrations and commemorations in Britain. We started to think about Remembrance Day, in preparation for next week, and learnt about why we have fireworks and bonfires at this time of year. In art, the children learnt to use chalks to create exciting and colourful bonfire… More

A spectacular end to Autumn One!

Our first Autumn term in Year One ended with a spectacular Medieval Market, which celebrated all of the learning that had taken place over the half term in KS1. The market was a great way for the children to learn enterprise skills ready for life if modern Britain. They learnt about where money comes from, how it is… More

Y1 – Puffins and Penguins

The children in Key Stage One had a fantastic time at Alnwick Castle, broadening and deepening their understanding of castles and life in medieval times. Year One were transported into the mysterious world of medieval castles, magic and fireside tales.  Suitably attired in medieval costumes, they met the Earl of Northumberland’s resident Wizard. He was… More