Making pizzas

Last half-term our learning was based around the story of The Little Red Hen. As part of this topic, we also read an alternative version of the story called The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza). To support this story, we made our own pizzas on the last day before the half-term break.

First we watched a video clip about how the pizza dough is made. Then, in our colour groups, we talked about the toppings that we were going to use and what we needed to do to make our pizzas. We all had a turn at either spreading the tomato sauce on or putting various toppings on. Next, our pizzas went in the oven to cook and when they were ready and cool, we all had a taste. They were delicious!

IMG_1282[1] IMG_1292[1] IMG_1289[1] IMG_1274[1] IMG_1278[1] IMG_1276[1] Pizza 6 pizza 5 IMG_1272[1] pizza 3 pizza 4 pizza 2 pizza 1

If you have access to Tapestry, there are more pictures on there for you to look at and some questions to ask your child about the activity.