New Friend Friday

IMG_4311[1]Every Friday afternoon in Reception we take part in something called  ‘New Friend Friday’.

  • We all have a lollypop stick with our name on
  • We then take turns to choose a lollypop stick from the golden box
  • The child’s name on the lollypop stick we have chosen becomes our new friend
  • We have to make decisions about where we want to play and work together
  • Sometimes we have to use our negotiation skills and compromise
  • We play and work together all afternoon

IMG_4301[1] IMG_4302[1]

Some of the children were asked why they like ‘New Friend Friday’ –

“You get new friends and can play with them”

IMG_4303[1] IMG_4306[1]

“My new friends like to do the same things as me”

IMG_4307[1] IMG_4308[1]

“I like it because you have a new friend and you can get to know them better”