At Newsham we use the ‘Penpals for Handwriting’ programme across school to ensure that children develop fast, fluent and legible handwriting.

Penpals offers a practical approach to support the delivery of handwriting teaching in Early Years. Alongside Penpals, in Nursery, we also use a scheme called ‘Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle’ where children dance to music making large, gross-motor movements with streamers. They then recreate those movements to music on a smaller scale using mark-making resources such as crayons or chalk on large pieces of paper on the floor.

These are some photographs of our Penpals session last week:

IMG_1089[1] IMG_1093[1] IMG_1104[2] IMG_1101[1] IMG_1094[1] IMG_1099[1]IMG_1090[1]