Space… the final frontier!

In Year One we began the week by thinking about celebrations and commemorations in Britain. We started to think about Remembrance Day, in preparation for next week, and learnt about why we have fireworks and bonfires at this time of year.

In art, the children learnt to use chalks to create exciting and colourful bonfire pictures. They explored pictures and videos of real firework displays and investigated the lines and shapes in the images before they created their own picture.

Firework picture (13) Firework picture (14) Firework picture (20)

We couldn’t wait for Bonfire night! Unfortunately the weather forecast predicted wet weather so we used our knowledge of materials and investigated which material would be the best one to make an umbrella to keep us dry. Liam discovered the plastic was the most waterproof!

Waterproof Science 2 Waterproof Science

As we gazed into the night sky on Bonfire night, we noticed more than just fireworks. We could see the stars and moon. In school we began to think about all of the other things in space. We used our imaginations to create our very own planet, using our knowledge about other planets in our Solar System. To ensure NASA knew all about our planets we wrote some fantastic descriptions using adjectives. Would you like to visit Eve’s planet?

Planet Description

Thank you to all of the families who put such a great effort into the holiday Space project. There was such a wide variety of exciting projects, which have inspired our own little astronauts and astronomers.

space homework (9) space homework (3) space homework (4) space homework (5) space homework (6) space homework (7) space homework (8)