The Twit’s Meet a Grizzly End!

Following Mr Twit’s disappearance, we began the week by helping the police find Mr Twit. To ensure he was found quickly we had to write some very detailed character descriptions! Thanks to all of our hard work, Mr Twit was discovered and we found out how the story ended.

In maths we helped Muggle Wump write his diary by putting the events of his life in chronological order using time words. Also, we learnt how to order the days of the week and months of the year, focusing on how to spell these words correctly.

Days of the week (3)

By Wednesday our sculpture topic came to an end by exploring the abstract works of Eva Rothschild. We used our 2D/3D shape knowledge to build our own geometric shape sculptures.3d shapes (1)

In science, we explored how animals are classified. We sorted different animals using our own ideas, by working with others in our Let’s Think groups. Then we learnt about the five different types of vertebrates: mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles and used this knowledge to re-group the animals.

Towards the end of the week we focused on one particular animal… the monkey! As we approach the Year of the Monkey, we learnt about why Chinese New Year is special to certain people and how it is celebrated around the world. Subsequently, we planned our own Chinese meal that we will prepare and cook next week. Thank you to those parents and carers who provided a 50p donation to allow us to have this additional opportunity.