Welcome Back!

The children were very excited to be back at school. They were so keen to tell us all about their presents and family time that we decided to write a recount, using the past tense. To ensure our recounts made sense we learnt all about the difference between the past and the present and we started to look at how we can change a word into the past tense using the ed ending.

As we were doing our recounts, we needed to know about how to put things in order. As a result, we learnt how to read and write ordinal numbers in Maths. This week’s Maths homework is all about recognising numbers as words as well as numerals, which all children should be secure in by the end of YearPenguins past tense jigsaw

We have started a new art topic all about sculpture. We discussed the materials sculptors use and then used Plasticine to experiment with. This week’s topic homework is to examine the similarities and differences between two sculptures.