Welcome back!

We have had a very exciting first week back after half term with the introduction of our zoo topic! The week started with the children designing their own logos for the zoo as well as researching which animals were popular. In order to collect the information, the children have learnt all about tally charts and have also presented their results in simple pictograms. In addition, they used the data collected to answer some tricky questions about which animals would be best in our zoo.

Later in the week the children were using their knowledge of counting in twos, fives and tens to solve money problems. Year 1 thought that having a good understanding of money was very important if they are going to run a zoo because of having to buy the animals and their food as well as making sure they charge visitors the right amount! They had to use their reasoning skills to choose appropriate coins to make totals. This will help us understand the value of money and how we use it in everyday life. Money Problems (1)Money Problems (2)

In Literacy we were working on using descriptive language and our senses to begin to write animal poems, in order to learn more about the animals they had chosen for their zoo.


Reminder: Please remember that PE is on Friday. This half term we will be learning about agility and ball skills so children will need appropriate clothing and footwear to be outside and on the field.


Have a great weekend!


Year 1 Team