We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

This half term, our topic has been based on the popular children’s book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We have completed lots of different learning activities linked to the story and also to bears.

We listened to the story repeatedly until we were familiar with it and then joined in with actions. We also really enjoyed the version on YouTube where Michael Rosen retells the story – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gyI6ykDwds

We worked in groups to experiment with gummy bears by adding them to various solutions (water with either vinegar, bicarbonate of soda or salt). Firstly, we talked about how our gummy bears felt before we added them to a solution. Each child then chose which solution they wanted to put their gummy bear into and then created the solution by carefully pouring the water into their plastic cup, then spooning in some salt or soda or pouring in some vinegar. Once their solution was created each child added their gummy bear and waited until the following day to see the results.
The next day we gathered into our groups to discuss the changes that had happened to our bears and compare these to our predictions.

IMG_3849[1] IMG_3850[1] IMG_3845[1] IMG_3846[1] IMG_3847[1] IMG_3848[1]

In our ICT lessons we used the program 2Simple to draw a picture of a bear. We practised using and controlling the mouse with one hand and changing the colour and size of the pen –

IMG_3851[1] IMG_3853[1] IMG_3854[1]

To help us to retell the story, we created story maps and made bear masks in the creative area using paper plates, tape and lollypop sticks –

IMG_3855[1] IMG_3856[1]