A magnificent measuring week!

This week,  in English we have been writing our own versions of the Jewish folk tale ‘It could always be worse’ by Margot Zumach. After lots of verbal rehearsal and illustrative input last week, the children were ready to write! They knew the story so well and many children were able to compose sentences of their own to tell the story. The learning from our daily phonics lessons was really shining through when the children were using the sounds they know to build the words as they wrote.  We have some budding authors in Year 1!

In maths we have been learning how to measure length and height. After a fun investigation, the children discovered that using our feet to measure the height of their friends was not a good idea –  they decided that we should use something that stays the same length. As the week went on we introduced centimetres to the children and they have been using rulers to measure objects in the classroom. Have a go at home – a lot of the children were incredibly accurate with their measurements!

Science was very exciting this week! The children were investigating how to make a light place dark. They made dens in the classroom and had to decide which material was best at blocking out the light. Great fun! This was followed by the children showing their results in a simple block graph. They really enjoyed the afternoon.

Our geography lessons this week have focused on the countries within the United Kingdom, our capital cities and the seas that surround us. They used maps to locate named areas and have begun to use north, south, east and west to describe the location of places on the map.

Next week, amongst other things, we will be:

  • Continuing to work on our number bonds and key maths facts.
  • Exploring the differences between Christmas in our country and other countries in the world.
  • Discovering the meaning of advent.
  • Writing lists  and exploring the use of plurals when we speak and write.
  • Planning and making a felt decoration.