A spectacular end to Autumn One!

Our first Autumn term in Year One ended with a spectacular Medieval Market, which celebrated all of the learning that had taken place over the half term in KS1. The market was a great way for the children to learn enterprise skills ready for life if modern Britain. They learnt about where money comes from, how it is used, how to plan an event to raise money to reach a final goal and how to add values and give change!

IMG_0343             IMG_0335

Year One made clay coats of arms, which they planned carefully, linking their design to their values. We are so proud to have so many brave, loyal and loving families in Newsham!

Designing coats of arms (1)IMG_1811IMG_1866Finished coats of arms (13)

They also hand painted tiles with carefully researched medieval patterns to create fantastic coasters, designed and created traditional medieval hats and created some beautiful paper weavings. Last of all they mixed, baked and decorated some extremely tasty biscuits. We raised over £670 from the event, which the children have decided to use for a special visit to a planetarium in Newcastle!