Celebrating Diversity in Britain

Last week we continued to develop into creative sculptors, whilst linking our art work to a whole school focus on recycling. We learnt about Michelle Reader, a figurative sculptor from London, who uses recycled materials to create her sculptures. Reid shared his knowledge about London, after a recent visit, and we spent some time exploring where London is, why it is an important city in England and compared it to Newsham.

We explored some of Michelle Reader’s sculptures and discussed why she chose certain materials. Kai thought the Junk Mail Postman was her best piece ‘that one is funny because she’s made him with all the junk mail he keeps pushing through people’s doors.’ Kai is certainly beginning to develop an appreciation for artist irony!

We developed our knowledge of what figurative sculpture is and we used our own ideas to choose and join recycled materials imaginatively to make a monster with different body parts. We consolidated some of our science learning from last week at the same time!

On Thursday we had a fantastic visit to the Hindu Temple. The temple staff were amazed at the children’s knowledge and understanding at such a young age. We all loved tasting the traditional Hindu food. Ellie and Kaden even took part in a Hindu wedding ceremony. We had a busy end to the week with some special visitors in school, who were very impressed with our hard work.
Hindu Temple (4)

Hindu Temple (8)

Hindu Temple (14)