Celebrating Success!

Our focus this week has been on 3d shape. We have been learning to recognise and identify common 3d shapes in our everyday environment and have even begun to use some Mathematical words to describe their properties. This learning was extended in our Art sessions, where children looked at the work of Brendan Jamison. The children made 3d geometric shape sculptures using marshmallows and cocktail sticks (this is in the style of Brendan Jamison, who likes to make sculptures using sugar based items).

We also participated in some drama activities where we pretended to be the vile Twits! The children were great at assuming a role from the story and this will support them next week when writing their character descriptions. Wormy spag (1)

Wormy spag (2)

Wormy spag (4)

The children were amazing in their Year Group Assembly, considering the short time they had to learn their lines and practise. Mrs Armstrong was extremely impressed by their knowledge of space and their confidence at speaking in front of such a large audience. A video of the assembly should be available next week, via the blog, for any parents who missed it.

There is a focus on spelling in KS1 for the next few weeks. We are introducing a new spelling test and the words the children need to practise are in their homework books, alongside lots of advice on how to help your child. The best way to learn how to spell is through regular practise. As we are constantly learning new things in school, practise at home is essential to help your child consolidate their learning. Thank you again for you continual support!