Centre For Life

What a wonderful day we had at the Centre for Life.  The children demonstrated excellent behaviour, as always, and Simon who taught us about space said he had never met a school with so much knowledge!

We took part in a range of activities:

Lab work:  Identifying objects to see if they were alive or not alive, finding out that astronauts can only have 30g of food per meal and using the electronic scales to weigh out a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

IMG_6925 IMG_6921 DSCF8003 DSCF8002 DSCF8001


We also had the opportunity to explore the gigantic model of the moon and found out it has seas (with no water) and extinct volcanoes.


The planetarium was a wonderful experience and everyone liked the comfortable chairs that allowed you to lie back and look at the stars.  We learned about different star constellations.

After a very quick lunch we explored the Curiosity Zone.  Some children had the opportunity to explore the fast moving spinning wheels, floating fabrics and a very hot brain.  The very brave drank out of a toilet! IMG_6951 IMG_6945  IMG_6943 IMG_6940 IMG_6955 DSCF8013 DSCF8015


Finally we went to the Science Theatre and found out easy experiments that can be done in our own kitchens.  A couple of children were lucky enough to go onto the stage and join in.

IMG_6964 DSCF8025

The only thing left to do was get on to the bus and head back to school after a very exciting and fun day.