Dinosaurs go home

This week, we have continued our learning about dinosaurs. We explored the difference between an Allosaurus and a Stegosaurus and then used line and shape to draw them. We investigated using different pressure to shade our drawings.

After our exciting discovery of dinosaur eggs on our school field, the dinosaur sanctuary finally found a way to capture the missing T-Rex and take her safely back home. The eggs hatched just hours after they were reunited with their mothers and they now have two baby dinosaurs running around their sanctuary. We wrote instructions on how to catch a dinosaur in case this happens again using time words and bossy verbs.  IMG_0949 IMG_0948

We have also been exploring non-standard units of measurement. We have used different units of measurement to find out how long and tall specific objects are. We have measured using cubes, dice, coins and paper clips. We measured the length of our feet using cubes and compared the length of our own feet with other people in the class.