Dragon Eggs Found!

The week began with the children making an amazing discovery! At the back of our school field, buried within a cosy nest, the children discovered dragon’s eggs! At first, we weren’t sure what they were but luckily our friends at Kirkley Hall Zoo emailed us to say it might be a Newsham Ridge-back dragon.

They sent us a report all about the Newsham Ridge-back. We started to learn the report so that we can tell others about these amazing creatures. This involved creating a text map to help use remember some of the tricky words and the structure of the text. We have sent a copy of the report home so that all of our parents can keep an eye open for the dragon. Parents can also read the report to their children and help them learn it. Next week we will be looking at the structural features and language used in the report so that we can move on to writing our own information texts.

Kirkley Hall have also needed our help this week dividing up the animals at the zoo. We learned about how to share objects and considered how we could also use pictures and drawings to help us share. We learned about the division sign and started to use it in our calculations. Lot’s of practise sharing things into equal groups at home would be fantastic!