Fun had by all!

It has been a brilliant week in Year 1.

The children completed their end of year assessments at the beginning of the week and had a lovely time building bridges and working on their team work with Year 6. Thank you for all the newspaper you supplied.

On Wednesday, Penguins had a thoroughly fantastic time at Clip and Climb as their KS1 attendance treat. We could not believe how brave and agile some of them were! The children worked resiliently to get to the top of the walls and children who could just about get off the ground at the start were flying up the walls by the end of the session. Well done Penguins!

The children completed their project on Africa by making some African inspired tie dye fabric, which we then stitched into pouches and bags. The children loved experimenting with the different tie dye techniques and the finished products look very effective.

On Thursday, the children took part in whole school transition and found out their new teachers and classes. We all had a lovely day and carried out lots of special activities. We are very happy and excited to be taking the children on into Year 2 next year.


Key information about next week.

Monday is 100% attendance lunch

Wednesday is the whole school picnic and water play session- Children need adequate sun protection and a change of clothes for the water play

Friday is the last day of term and we finish at 2pm.