Lots to learn!

This has been one of our busiest week so far in Year 1! We have been continuing our learning about the local area by thinking about our community and how we can contribute personally to its well-being. The children thought that picking up litter and recycling were a great way to help! We have also been thinking about the different ways in which we travel to school, using the information collected to create tally charts and pictograms.

In English this week we have begun a new book called Knuffle Bunny, a tale of a little girl who can’t yet speak who loses her favourite toy rabbit. She tries to communicate with Dad but he just doesn’t understand. We have had good fun translating words like ‘Wabble Pabble Flabble’ and ‘Snurp’.

In Maths we have been introducing the children to part/whole models. A way to show basic partitioning of numbers in an effective way. The children will be bringing some part/whole model homework home today and we are sure they will show you how it’s done! Any questions though, just ask!

Than you to all parents who came to parent’s evening this week. It was lovely to get a chance to speak properly and see how well the children have all settled in.

Please remember to send your child’s reading book to school every day whether they have read at home with you or not. We are trying to read with them as regularly as possible and we can’t change books if they are not here! Thank you for your support in this.