Marvellous Market

It has been another busy and successful week in Year 1.

The children have worked hard to complete their end of half term assessments in Reading, Maths and Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. We were extremely proud of how all the children coped with these assessments as it was their first time for undergoing tests of this type. All of the staff are delighted with the progress the children have made from their starting points at the beginning of the year.

We have completed our work on Homes in the Past by creating a visual timeline of the significant events in Queen Victoria’s life. The children have also used what they have learnt over the half term to retrieve and improve a diagram of a Victorian household object on the computer. On Tuesday the children also enjoyed a visit from a Victorian teacher. Whilst they loved the experience of finding out what it was like to go to school in the past, I think they would all agree that they prefer school how it is now!Victorian photos (4)Victorian photos (1)

In maths we have been looking at how we can use 2d shapes to complete and make our own repeating patterns. Completing and designing their own repeating patterns could be a good rainy day half term holiday activity to help the children consolidate their knowledge. The children also got to learn about coin values during our Victorian Market.

The highlight of the week was of course, our Victorian Market! The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and were brilliant at selling all the fantastic items they have worked so hard to make over the half term. It was wonderful to see so many parents and carers at the market and we would like to thank you all for helping us to raise over £500 for Key Stage 1.


After the holidays we will be looking at Celebrations around the world


Over the half term the children have been set the following homework:

  • A Celebrations around the World project of their choice.

Whilst there is no weekly spelling or Maths homework set the children do need to practise:

  • The Year 1 spellings (located in the front of their homework book).
  • The new half termly number facts (given out with the holiday projects). Which they will be tested on weekly.

Don’t forget:

We start back at school on Monday 31st October.