Preparing for Year Two

This week the children were very excited about visiting their new classes. They have worked incredibly hard this year and are now in a great position to start the next stage of their education. The children in Puffins will be moving to Coastguards and will be taught by Mrs Kearney and Mr Smith. Penguins will be moving to Lifeboats and will be taught by Miss Masterson (formally known as Mrs Wilson).

Whilst the children in Year 1 are very excited about moving on to their new classes, they will also miss Miss Davison, who will be staying in Year 1 next year.

Summer Homework:

Short bursts of daily practise (10 minutes a day) can prevent your child forgetting key spellings and number facts learned this year, ensuring that they start the next academic year in the best possible place. Your child will be tested on their ability to spell and use the maths facts on this sheet during their first week back in September.

Regular reading is also essential. Reading with an adult for 10 minutes a day can prevent your child’s attainment dipping over the holiday- commonly known as the summer dip.

Thank you for your continued support this year. We look forward to working with you all again next year. Have a wonderful summer break.