The Plague!

In English we have had a reading focus this week. Our Plague topic has given us some super ways to get the children reading. They really enjoyed our whole class reading session where we found out about the plague in London in 1665. The children were encouraged to use the sounds they know from our phonics lessons to blend as they were reading. We also talked about strategies to use when we come across an unusual or tricky word. Importantly, we spent time to check that we understand what we read.

In maths we have been learning how to multiply. We began with repeated addition and moved on to multiplying using our knowledge of counting in twos, fives and tens. We used coins and pictures of animals to help us. At home, you can help by counting aloud in 2, 5 or 10 whenever you can.

In art we have been studying the work of Rembrandt and Picasso. The children drew portraits and made Cubism collages to reflect the styles of these artists.
DSCF3189 DSCF3186

Half of Year 1 visited the Sports Centre in Blyth this week for a multi-skills festival. They had super fun, made new friends from different schools an of course, behaved perfectly! In May, the rest of Year 1 will be taking part in a dance festival.

We have a very busy and exciting week ahead planned. Amongst other things, we will:

  • Be learning how to divide by sharing.
  • Reading and writing instructions.
  • Making vegetable chow mein.

Don’t forget:

Our class assembly is on Thursday 26th January at 9am. You are welcome to join us in the classroom afterwards to look at your child’s work and take part in some activities.