Visit to The Centre for Life

What a wonderful and exciting day we had yesterday at the Centre for Life! Our Space topic was brought to life through workshops, visits to the planetarium and spectacular science shows. We had a warm welcome from Tim Peake himself and were given the chance to test different materials for strength, flexibility and weight to see which would make the best spacesuit. In the planetarium, we followed Little Bear on his journey North using the stars as his guide. The science show wowed us with it’s amazing experiments and we were given the chance to ask questions and find out how the experiments worked. We were also given the chance to explore the DinoJaws exhibition and spent time in the Curiosity Zone. What a fun filled day!DSCF4622 DSCF4566 DSCF4571 DSCF4573 DSCF4576 DSCF4580 DSCF4584 DSCF4610 DSCF4611

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