Week beginning 13th March 2017

In Year 1 this week we have been continuing our topic about the weather.

In English we all wrote a script for our own weather forecast. We researched and prepared for this by using our skills as geographers to make and label a map of the United Kingdom. We watched the weather forecasters on the BBC to get ideas for our forecasts. We used weather symbols on our maps to help us to show each type of weather. We then had lots of fun recording each other being forecasters! The children really enjoyed this cross curricular week of learning.

In maths we focused on addition and subtraction and used our reasoning skills to answer questions relating to the symbols + – and =. We will continue this next week with further problems to solve in order to deepen the children’s understanding.

The highlight of our week was our trip to the Winter Gardens in Sunderland. The children were amazed to find themselves in a rainforest and they gained an understanding of what it felt like to be in a different climate. We explored the beautiful gardens and discovered some very interesting sculptures. The children had a super day and were happily worn out by home time!





We have a very busy and exciting week ahead planned. Amongst other things, we will:

–       Writing a booklet about British weather.
–       Deepening our understanding of addition and subtraction.
–       Creating a block graph to show rainfall levels in the UK.
Don’t forget:

–       The dance festival takes place on Thursday 23rd March – children attending have received a letter this week. They must come to school wearing a red top and black shorts.
–       Our KS1 parent workshop will be taking place after school on Tuesday 21st March.