Welcome back!

We were delighted to see the children returning to us bright and breezy on Monday!

We have had a good week in Year 1 and have started our Fairy Tales topic. We have been exploring characters, settings, openings and endings. The children have enjoyed reading and sharing their favourite tales. This popular topic will continue next week.

In maths we have explored place value and the children are showing a good understanding. Next week we will be revisiting multiplication and division.

Our science was very successful this week. The children enjoyed exploring and sorting different everyday materials. They then went on to describe the properties of each material with super words like bumpy, smooth, shiny and stretchy. Next week we will discover whether materials like plastic, glass, wool and metal are natural or man-made.

We are continuing with our strong focus on phonics in preparation for the check in June. If you need any help with ways to help your child with this please let us know and we will be more than happy to help!