Welcome Back!

Year 1 have had a fantastic first week back. The children have been eagerly sharing their dinosaur homework projects and we would like to say a big thank you to all the parents/carers who have helped to created these fantastic posters, poems, books and models. Completing homework projects such as these gives the children an excellent starting point for the learning they undertake in school.

In Maths, the children have been practising their subtraction skills, focusing on mental strategies by counting back in their heads and using a number line if required. They have been applying these skills by solving missing number problems. Next week, the children will move on to look at alternative methods of subtraction, such as finding the difference. They will also be using their reasoning skills to test out ideas and work through problems systematically and methodically.

The children were keen to start answering some of the questions the posed about dinosaurs before the holiday. They have created timelines and ordered significant historical events chronologically to answer the question ‘When were dinosaurs alive?’ Next week, we will be answering more big questions such as ‘How did most dinosaurs move?’ and ‘Were all dinosaurs big?’

Throughout the week the children have also been undertaking additional phonics sessions to revise reading and writing the sounds they have covered so far this year, in words and sentences. This is all in preparation for the phonics screening check later in the year. Kim's phonics ew sound (1)

Don’t forget that there is a meeting in the hall at 9am on Wednesday 20th April, next week, regarding the phonics screening check. This is a National check that all Year 1 pupils will be carrying out in the week commencing the 13th June and the meeting will give you all the relevant information about how we administer the check, what it entails and how you can help your child to be successful.


Thank You

Year 1 Team